10 Reasons to Adopt the Bike and Go Car-Free.

People love lists and why shouldn’t they.  If we want to make a decision about something we need some concrete facts, plus, when you write stuff down with numbers next to it, it looks orderly and scientific, so it must be reputable!  If you’re already on the fence, here ya go, this should pull you over one way or the other.


10 – That weird noise you’re car is making means certain death.  But seriously, the straw that broke the camels back, for me, was the cost associated with the constant upkeep of an automobile.  For many of you, this might not be a significant issue until your Sprinter’s odometer rounds the 100,000 mile mark, but my near constant state of poverty meant that the only car I’d ever be able to afford was usually some rusted out clunker to begin with.  Live’s a vicious cycle.  Every tank of gas, every starter solenoid, every rusted strut, it all adds up, and for every dollar you spend no only are you investing in the enduring legacy of climate change, but you’re throwing that money away into a dying form of transportation.  Save your buck, and invest in something cleaner, simpler, smaller, and that’s guaranteed to last longer than you: the bike.


9 – Health.  Both yours and the world’s.  Riding a bike might be fun, but at times, it’s also incredibly hard.  What with the hills, wind, and dragging around your own heavy ass, you’re sure to get in shape in no time!  Additionally, cycling has the benefit of not needing fossil fuels to run.  Sure, in today’s intricate and far-reaching web of fossil fuel infrastructure, everything requires this energy, bikes need steel to be made and oil to make it to your door, but did you know car’s actually drink the shit.


7 – Adventure.  I counted Health as two, so we’re already down to seven.  Ever heard the phrases “now it’s an adventure” or “where’s the adventure in that”?  You might not be zipping off on weekend vacations to the desert quite as often, but if you go car free, you’re sure to encounter more in-your-face, real-as-shit kind of adventure on a much more local, much more often basis.  All of the sudden making it to work on time takes second to making it there not bleeding , broken, or hypodermic.  Life’s an adventure!


6 – Arrogance.  Although this one goes along with adventure, it’s pretty much in a class by itself.  Riding a bike is hard work, and in a country where everyone is growing soft from technology and leisure, you’ve got to take every advantage you can.  Pretty soon every small errand and day-trip to the crag becomes an epic adventure (read above).  In today’s cutthroat world you’ve got to claim any advantage you can, got your groceries?  I biked there!  Climbed some pitches after work at the local crag? I BIKED there!  Own that shit, and don’t be afraid to rub it in a little, we should all feel weak and guilty for driving around in over sized matchbox toys.  After all, nobody ever changed their habits without some crazed zealot shouting inanities as spittle flew from his lips right?  Right?  I BIKED THERE!


5 – Simplicity.  There’s a lot of chaos and disorder in the world today, a lot of specialization and science.  While the American dream is a big house and a three-car garage, more and more were learning objects don’t relate to happiness.  There is a lot to be said for the piece of mind, and quality of life, that comes from sizing down and scaling back.  Simplify.


4 – Because you’re a kid.  At heart, we never get over it.  The childlike pleasure of coasting down a hill on a bike is undeniable and eternal.  It’s not a thrill that needs to be topped or a task that has to be finished, it’s a feeling of complete joy and utter freedom.

Turns out, that’s about all I’ve got for now, I know I claimed there’d be 10 reasons but hey, the title sounded better than 7, and I’ve got to run if I want to squeeze in a pitch before dark.  It’s already noon and the sun is only out for another 9 hours!  Hopefully some of these reasons have resonated with you and maybe piqued your interest, maybe even got you thinking of some more.  These were enough for me anyway, not even all of them really, most have come as advantages after the fact.  Like how women appreciate your eco-conscious sacrifice, and the ability to fit in with hipsters anywhere, I guess I’ve got a few more after all…

4 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Adopt the Bike and Go Car-Free.

  1. Gaelen

    I hope you don’t judge me when I DRIVE down Stevens Pass this weekend to do some adventuring in Icicle creek. I agree with a lot of your ethics, its really hard to Live it. Glad that you and Liz are. Its inspiring! See you at the crags. Skier Boyz!

  2. Tim Rogers

    I pass judgement like I pass wind, only it smells worse. I don’t wish to judge or condemn, only inspire and motivate! Thanks for the kind words, looking forward to seeing you soon!

  3. Annee von Borg

    Love all of these reasons! Many of them resonate with the reasons our family of 7 has been carfree more than 3 years now and never wants to go back to car travel. You can see many of our adventures at facebook.com/CarfreeFamily.


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