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The Sawtooth Scenic Byway

I’ve been sitting here for too long already.  I want to tell you the story, but this one’s not easy, and more to the point, it’s not yet over.  The adventure continues to expand, and exceed all expectations. No words are doing justice to the feelings we’ve had, it seems I’ll have to let the photo’s do the talking this time.  What is the message?  It is not about the no-car, it is not about the bike.  It isn’t even about the mountains or the adventure, although that’s getting closer to the source.  You can live any way you choose: dream big, do good, be kind.  Do Epic Shit.  Live with passion and be the force for positive change.  Create the world, the reality you want to inhabit. Live your Dreams.

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Unfolding on its own.

The first leg of this trip was really only an introduction , a prelude, things seem to be much more under way at this stage.  Traveling from SLC to Ogden, and riding across the desolate landscape north of the Great Salt Lake was surreal, grueling, and amazing.  Making it to City of Rocks and climbing for a handful of days was rewarding, rejuvenating, and inspiring.  After leaving The City we got dumped on by cold rain, snow, and a biting headwind, the scene was rugged and as we contemplated transitioning to the higher-trafficked narrow-shouldered road with numb fingers and toes, Calvin the mechanical bull ride maker pulled up with his trailer and offered a ride into Twin Falls, we were happy to oblige.  A well earned and much needed night in a motel room gave us the chance to chill out, wash up, and hold palaver over the road ahead.  We cut out all that we reasonably could, leaving only ski gear with the hope we could borrow or find anything else we might need.  Unbound from our Beasts of Burden, we rolled easily on out of town, spending a night in the Shoshone town park.  Another day and we’ve made it to Ketchum, completely stoked to be at the doorstep to these beautiful mountains.  It looks like a town day is in order as some weather rolls through over the next couple days.  The climb to Galena Summit, Stanley, and the Sawtooths lay ahead, and we’re psyched for it all.

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