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We’re all seasonal creatures. Try as we might to insulate ourselves from the reality of winter, patterns change, and with them our habits and routines. Many of us chase the seasons from place to place, as if they are beholden to a specific location.

Every spring for the past ten years, I’ve rolled down the same small canyon in Utah’s Wasatch Mountains. And every fall, I stumble back, penniless and parched for powder.

As the nights begin to cool and the days begin to shorten, my thoughts look forward to the winter ahead. But before the faceshots, before the early mornings and frozen toes, comes the migration. Continue reading

Speed and Direction

To move quickly, we must know where we’re going.

Swiftness requires grace, which requires understanding, understanding requires purpose, and purpose requires direction.

In high school, at cross-country and Nordic skiing competitions, we would walk or glide the course as a team, or sometimes, with all of the visiting teams and competitors together. After these walk-throughs, we would prepare by warming up on confusing or technical parts of the trail, and accustom our legs to speed by sprinting along short flat sections.

We did this not only to prepare, but also to familiarize and relate, because without a plan or an idea there’d be no confidence, no assuredness, and our races would be doomed from the start. We’d never know which hills to save for, which parts to book it, and where we could squeeze out every last second. Continue reading


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Waste is a human concept.  Nowhere else in nature can you find systems that incorporate this belief.  Just exactly when and how mankind created this habit is a mystery, although I’m sure Scientist’s would likely link it to the advent of agriculture or some such revolutionary occurrence.  Waste is a subjective idea, proven by the age-old adage “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, and it’s a notion that we have learned to merge with our beliefs of worth and value.  Through this amalgamation we have come to create a concept of waste that can mean many things, but always has a negative connotation.

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Gunsight Peaks – Trip Report

Over the week of July 25th to the 31st, Liz and myself climbed two routes and reached as many summits in the Gunsight Range of the Glacier Peak Wilderness area.  We climbed the South Ridge route of the South Peak, as well as the West Face of the Middle Peak.  Our ascents were completely free and followed the existing routes over varied terrain, including, but not limited to: splitter granite, steep glaciers, loose choss, devils club, and hot pavement.  The trip was a great recon and an epic adventure in its own right.  The Gunsights should be high on the list of anyone looking for golden granite in an absurdly alpine setting.  In addition to our meager climbing achievements, the significance of this trip lies, for us, in the fact that we undertook the approach entirely by use of Public Transportation. 

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