The What

Nature of Motion is my journal. I travel by foot, ski, wheel, and occasionally wing. Along the way I see things, and consider them. I am reminded of my youth, my family. I am often in high or dangerous places and I have ample time to consider my insignificance. I like to write about what I experience and how it Influences my perspective. I think we’re born to move, to explore, that in all the places and people we meet are hidden messages that help us find our place and peace with the world. I am still looking for mine.

My name is Tim, I work year-round as a Ski Patroller and Avalanche Forecaster in the U.S. and New Zealand. My time off from work is spent in the mountains or sea, I enjoy gardening, making music and art, and I try to make as much time for rest and reading as I can.

I don’t make it here as often as I’d like, but for me this is a place of rest and reflection. It is most simply a journal, but it’s also intended to provoke conversation and inspiration for others. Thanks for coming here, and reading these words, I hope you find something that helps you on your own path.