More Perspectives…

Looking back.

Sometimes perspective is so hard to find. We can try and pry ourselves away, to get a better view and see something new, but the world has a way of hiding clarity. This makes it precious really, and when it’s found we can so easily feel the understanding pulsing through our bodies.

I want to understand it all, nothing in particular really. I want to change my perspective of the world around me so it all clicks, so I can see it more clearly. Sometimes so much seems so unknown, so hectic, chaotic, and lost. What is the purpose? Other times you think you know exactly where you are, only to become aware you’ve been decieved, or decieving youself…

So instead I just go. One foot in front of the other, one step at a time and see where it takes me. I follow what feels good or right and try to do my best, to be my best…

And I look back often, to see where I have come. To see where I have been. Because sometime’s I’ve gone nowhere, or I’ve been stuck, and looking back can so easily break you free, give you that precious perspective for your place, your purpose, your person. 

Some things just aren’t meant to be understood, and simply accepting this somhow brings you closer to an understanding… wierd. Lately I’ve been trying to reconcile my recent experiences and figure out how they tally up. What things are fun and which are not, because that’s really all it boils down to right? Have the most fun.

But then I started feeling like maybe this is just a frivilous endeavour, and I’m not meant to really know. I think looking back teaches you this as well: that despite our best efforts to lead our lives, sometimes they just lead us, and accepting this and embracing your current situation is really the only option. After all, focusing on what’s wrong or not fun will get only serve to make expand those influences in your life. That’s wrong and not fun.

Nothing can beat the physicality of climbing to the top and looking back. Nothing. To see where you have come, to look down and back at your path is the easist way to gain these perspectives I’ve been prattling on about. Although we’d like to think our intellectual and sophisticated minds are beyond this physical practice of perspective, they are not, and they are not… We are still simple creatures who feel better when stretched, fed, watered, and rested. We get excited and inspired when walking to the top.

To escape your surroundings and get a better view, you really only have to escape your surroundings and get a better view. Look back and see the ant that you have been, that you are, and then return to the colony with a fresh perspective.

2 thoughts on “More Perspectives…

  1. Paige

    Good to hear your voice in your writing, Tim. Miss you and the good ol days at Alta. Reading your journal inspires me: to write, to reflect, to embrace, to explore, to accept. Thanks for sharing. Hope you’re well and that we’ll get to take a few turns together sometime this winter. Keep on keepin on, my friend!

    1. Tim Post author

      Hey thanks Paige! So nice to hear from you, and kind words as well. We’ve all got stories to tell and thoughts I believe to be worth sharing. Having the time to get them out and form them into something coherent isn’t an easy task, but one that’s been proven to be worthwhile. Looking forward to coming home to Alta and hope to see you there this winter and share some turns!


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