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International Mountain Day

Sorry to be late to the game, but after coming back from my weekend I heard that I had been inadvertently celebrating International Mountain Day, awesome!  After a little more research I learned that this year’s theme was Mountain Farming, more awesome!  Seeing as how my life pretty much revolves around these two subjects, I thought I’d share the little bit I learned about this great holiday, as well as a few thoughts on the importance of mountains in our lives. Continue reading

The First Connection

Without a car food is my fuel. I prefer only the highest octane available, which is why the warmer months find me digging weeding, watering and generally caring for the plants that nourish and sustain me. This is work in by the simplest of definitions – labor and sweat.  I put in effort and burn calories, and am rewarded with the like, many times over. Continue reading

Coastal Ambiguity

I’ll always be an East Coaster who’s heart is pulled by the smell of fresh cut hay and cow manure, the thought of a steamy sugar house or a crisp autumn day filled with the fiery color of changing leaves.  I don’t know what it is about growing up in New England that at once makes us so nostalgic for the simpler life of rural self-sufficiency, but at the same time lights a fire for the passion of a far flung adventure.  Every so often I wander home and find myself torn between these sentiments, and as I grow older, I may not become wiser, but I certainly do gain the perspective of time, place, and experience to better understand these two sides of my personality.  While this struggle has existed in me to some degree always, it’s when I return home that I consider it most often.  The East versus West discussion can take on many forms; migration, motivation, mindset.  Ultimately it’s about where we come from, and where we want to go, parts of ourselves that we can’t escape or deny.

Continue reading