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Movement and Growth

What is it about horizons, our need to meet them, to explore what’s beyond? What is it about greener pastures, about breaking out in order to move forward, to improve?

I’m trying something new this summer, and when pressed about it I’m not always able to say exactly why. It’s the right time? Just trying a new path? In many ways what I’m doing now isn’t so different from what I’ve been up to, in others it’s entirely fresh and divergent. Despite all that, when I really ask myself about what’s going on, the words that speak the most to me are opportunity, exploration and growth. Continue reading

Speed and Direction

To move quickly, we must know where we’re going.

Swiftness requires grace, which requires understanding, understanding requires purpose, and purpose requires direction.

In high school, at cross-country and Nordic skiing competitions, we would walk or glide the course as a team, or sometimes, with all of the visiting teams and competitors together. After these walk-throughs, we would prepare by warming up on confusing or technical parts of the trail, and accustom our legs to speed by sprinting along short flat sections.

We did this not only to prepare, but also to familiarize and relate, because without a plan or an idea there’d be no confidence, no assuredness, and our races would be doomed from the start. We’d never know which hills to save for, which parts to book it, and where we could squeeze out every last second. Continue reading