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A Cry For Help

For whatever reason, the other night I found myself in the middle of writing a longish, frank, open-ended conversation or “post” on Facebook. This was not something I planned or edited but after an initial burst of energy I discovered I was three paragraphs deep into what my friends would only really consider a rant. I read what I had written, and realized I had more to say, that my feelings were important for me to share, but that they also demanded something extra; an introduction, an explanation, and hopefully, an epilogue (although that part will be written by us all). This is my best attempt to that end, I don’t expect to hit the mark and I don’t expect everyone to read, comment on, or even acknowledge some what I have to say. I understand that the subjects I’m talking about are controversial, but I hope it is clear that I do not mean to impose, to blame or to implicate with any of my words, and that hope is best reflected in my effort to frame the essay with this title.

We’re all in this together, our civilization has grown for hundreds years to create our present situation, our complacence does not equate with guilt, indeed it’s just the opposite, as our current understanding of the principals and habits of this broken system allow us an advanced perspective to it’s biggest problems and best possible solutions. Dream Big, Demand the Impossible.

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Coastal Ambiguity

I’ll always be an East Coaster who’s heart is pulled by the smell of fresh cut hay and cow manure, the thought of a steamy sugar house or a crisp autumn day filled with the fiery color of changing leaves.  I don’t know what it is about growing up in New England that at once makes us so nostalgic for the simpler life of rural self-sufficiency, but at the same time lights a fire for the passion of a far flung adventure.  Every so often I wander home and find myself torn between these sentiments, and as I grow older, I may not become wiser, but I certainly do gain the perspective of time, place, and experience to better understand these two sides of my personality.  While this struggle has existed in me to some degree always, it’s when I return home that I consider it most often.  The East versus West discussion can take on many forms; migration, motivation, mindset.  Ultimately it’s about where we come from, and where we want to go, parts of ourselves that we can’t escape or deny.

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Becoming lost.

The act of travel, and the art of becoming lost, are at once related and reliant upon each other.  Although travelling, at its essence, is the simple act of moving from one place to another, as we all know, it can also be so much more.   Travelling imparts knowledge, it signifies rank, class, and intelligence, it can humble, embolden, and enlighten.   For all time traveling has been used by humans to expand understanding and cultivate awareness.  To begin to truly understand the nature of the world around us, and ourselves, it is necessary to move around, and experience that world.  Additionally, the means by which you travel have drastically different influences upon our bodies, and minds. Continue reading

Just a Reminder…

This is a blog.  Simple.  A quick deconstruction of the word reveals its true meaning, a web log.  A diary.  A journal.  But more then that, the format and purpose of today’s blogs is to share.  I’m writing for you, even more than for myself.  Writing and photographing for me has become a way of expressing my worldview, sharing my thoughts, feelings, insights, and adventures.  The format and structure of this site and those like it allow for the sharing of ideas and following of readership.  You can comment, subscribe, or share it with your own friends and families.

This is a journal, and I usually treat it as so, my entries flowing mostly from a stream of consciousness that receive little or no editing.  But this is a journal of purpose, and while I often get lost in the web world of climbing, the hopes and dreams of a kid who loves mountains, I’d like to take this moment to remind myself, and you, why I created this space, why I’m still here writing, and the direction I hope to be going. Continue reading