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Share the Road – Three ways to make traveling safer for everyone.

As a cyclist, I’m constantly amazed at the poor behavior and bad judgment displayed by many drivers. Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re not one of these drivers, and for that I thank you. Despite my time spent walking on glaciers and hanging on the sides of rock walls, nothing in my life is scarier or makes me feel more vulnerable than riding my bike on a busy road.   The number one reason most commuters don’t cycle is because of safety. Sharing doesn’t even begin to express the experience of what it’s like to occupy the same space as an object twenty times my size, moving over four times as fast. If you’re a recreational cyclist, a commuter, or a sometime tourist, most likely you know what I mean. Whether you’re pedaling a bicycle or piloting an automobile, it’s clear that the playing field is not even. The next time you who find yourself behind the wheel or in the passenger seat, remember these three simple ways to help open the roads and make traveling a safer experience for everyone. Continue reading