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Be there.

On Wednesday July 29th I’m hosing a slideshow and community forum for the Freewheel space in Leavenworth.  The event will be held at the Red Barn at Wenatchee River Institute’s Barn Beach Reserve.  If you’re in the area and want to be a part of this project I hope you can come by.  It’s shaping up a great night that will help us create dialogue for the location of the stand, and generate fundraising to make sure we build something really nice for the town.



Well the time has come and I could not be more excited to share with you all my most recent project: Freewheel – A Public Bicycle Station for Leavenworth Washington.  This project is made possible through a generous grant from Alta Community Enrichment, a small but thriving non-profit in Little Cottonwood Canyon that works to supports the arts, cultural events, and education both in and out of LCC.  Later this month, I’ll be teaming up with Wenatchee River Institute to host a special event aimed at fundraising and generating community dialogue for the location and installation of this space.

I’m sharing this proposal here to give the community of Leavenworth a chance to preview the plans and ideas involved in this space, but also because it comes straight from the heart of Nature of Motion’s mission – To advocate and encourage the use of the bicycle for travel, adventure, and personal transportation.  I’m so excited to be implementing this idea and taking direct action to create the infrastructure needed to help our society transition to a less energy-dependent future.  While they might seem small, it’s things like bike lanes, racks, and repair stands that can lay the groundwork and encourage people to consider the bicycle as a safe and convenient alternative to fossil-fuel transportation.  The world is changing fast, and it’s about time we catch up.

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