Perfection is an illusion, and no outcome is ever really certain. At the beginning, there always exists a degree of ambiguity as to the expected results of most every endeavor.  We’re never truly finished, and looking back at any outcome in terms of success or failure is mostly a misconception, and a waste of time. We’d be better off to examine our achievements and attempts through their degree of awareness, their shade of illumination. How much did we learn – how much did we grow? Did I get hurt – or hurt another? No matter what we’re doing, it seems self evident that we should be striving to do it well, after all – half-assed never really sounded that respectable. To approach our lives with this idea of accomplishment takes time and patience, skill, practice, and dedication.

It’s why they call it fishing – not catching, it’s why they call it climbing – not summiting, and why I call it riding – not arriving.

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